Applying High Volume Nitrogen in a 2x2 or Side Dressing this planting season?

Are you looking for a High Performance, High Volume, Low Maintenance liquid fertilizer system for your 2x2 or Side Dress nitrogen application setup? Whether you are using Precision Plantings Conceal, 360 Bandit, Schafferts G2 or any other 2x2 solution, AgXcel can assist you with a HIGH VOLUME HIGH PERFORMANCE pump that meets your demands!

The 3+ cylinder design allows the system to prime faster with less vibration during use and cannot be damaged if ran dry. With its double lip oil seals, patented BLUEFLEX diaphragm technology, large valves for enhanced hydraulic efficiency use, the AgXcel GX5 provides the industry with highest performing solution on the market today.

LIMITED on hydraulics on your planter or implement? No worries! Paired with AgXcel's proprietary Hydraulic PWM Valve promotes VERY LIMITED hydraulic oil consumption and some of the fastest rate response times on the market today.

With the ability to fully integrate into your existing controller whether Trimble, AgLeader, Green Star or Raven you will have the confidence that you are applying Nitrogen with accuracy.

Give us a call and lets discuss your requirements for the 2024 season! 877.218.1981

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