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AgXcel GX5 Hydraulic System

S.M., IL -

"I used AgXcel’s GX5 Hydraulic system with my Trimble FMX1000 and the integration was seamless. I set up my system for swath control using 4 sections on my JD 1770NT CCS 24r 30 planter and everything worked great. I had a few questions about my setup and when I called AgXcel the support was immediate. I will definitely use AgXcel for all my precision liquid fertilizer needs."

F.S., South Africa -

"I was a little hesitant at first when I needed a high volume liquid system for my Orthman Strip-Tiller machine, but after speaking with AgXcel on the phone for 15 minutes, it was obvious they fully understood my requirements and this wasn't their first gig. It was a very "seamless" integration into my Trimble FMX just like they said, and the management of the system was precise."

N. J., OK -

"I called AgXcel because my local dealer for my Kuhn Gladiator couldn't support me with a high volume liquid system. They walked me through the entire process, they came out and installed the system and it worked PERFECT! I wanted dual application on each row and that's how they set it up. The system was very easy to operate and the ability to change my rates on the fly was great."                                    

Agro Cultural Liquid Fertilizer

AgXcel selected as the precision liquid application fertilizer supplier of choice for all Agro Cultural Liquid test plots. AgXcel the leader in precision liquid application solutions located in Kearney Nebraska provides many large fertilizer companies with complete liquid application systems for their test plots liquid application due to their precision placement, accuracy and durability. We are proud to be the vendor of choice for Agro Cultural Liquid Fertilizer. AgXcel continues to refine and improve our systems as a means to ensuring that our customers receive the best performing liquid application system on the market today!

Husker Harvest Test plots

AgXcel the leader in precision liquid application solutions was selected as the vendor of choice for the Husker Harvest test plots in Grand Island Nebraska. Jason selected the AgXcel GX2 dual electric pump system due to its precision accuracy when applying liquid fertilizer and quality of the AgXcel system. The AgXcel GX2 system enables the application of up to 6 GPM of liquid fertilizer and can be controlled by the AgXcel Auto X Compact or any OEM controller. The AgXcel system comes pre-assembled from the factory and is pressure tested and pressure drop tested which ensures a precision system when installed by the end user.

In Furrow Application

Farm Journal MI test plots - AgXcel the leader in precision liquid fertilizer application solutions was selected by Farm Journal Magazine for the use of the AgXcel GX3 Precision Application Solution for their 2014-2015 tests plots.
The Michigan ...test plots crew used the AgXcel GX3 liquid fertilizer application system with the AgXcel GX10 OEM integration kit, which is fully compatible with all OEM controllers. “This all-in-one kit system provided us the ability to put on pop-up starter fertilizer plots for in-field trials,” says Farm Journal Field Agronomist Missy Bauer. The AgXcel GX3 precision application fertilizer system allows for complete control of liquid application and helps improve fungicide, insecticide and low volume starter fertilizer. When applying in-furrow, it’s key to have exact amounts to avoid the chances of starter burn, Bauer says. The GX3 ensures each row receives the correct volume in ounces per minute per row. This is achieved by proper system plumbing to prevent pressure drop and allow for equal distribution of flow to each row. The GX3 solution was designed with the AgXcel MAG flow meter. Read more about it here.....

Agro-Culture Liquid

AgroLiquid has partnered with AgXcel to build a new experimental option to place part of the total nutrients needed in-furrow and the remainder placed behind the planter press wheels on top of the soil and one inch to either side of the seed (0x1). The “AgXcel” treatment placed 3 gal/A in-furrow (maximum allowed rate for 30” rows) and the remaining 7 gal/A on the soil surface. The AgXcel equipment uses orifices to split the nutrient stream into the two different required rates.

N.B. CaseIH Dealer Colorado -

I gave AgXcel a call for a system setup on a Kuhn Gladiator 1200 Strip-Till machine for one of my customers. AgXcel took care of the rest! Quote, Install, Test and another satisfied customer! I went on site to take a look at the unit and the install was clean and neat, in fact it looked like a factory install. My customer was very happy with the install of the AgXcel hydraulic system, I will definitely use AgXcel again.

N. C - S. Dakota -

I debated switching from a competitor to AgXcel but now that I have made the switch, I am SURE that I made the right decision. After requesting a quote for the GX12i Injection System and seeing that it works perfectly, I will turn to AgXcel for all of my ag needs.

W.B. - Minnesota -

After buying the GX5 I know that there is no need to go anywhere else for my planting systems. Getting a quote was easy and their product specialists were very helpful.”

L.J. - Idaho -

I had some trouble requesting quotes from other businesses, but when I called AgXcel, working with a dealer has never been easier. Their website is easy to get around and their product knowledge can’t be beat! We are excited to continue working with them

B. F. - Washington -

Ordering products has never been easier with any other company. Plus, the service is great. You can’t ask for any more from a business than from AgXcel.

M.F. - Texas -

The GX5 hydraulic system on my John Deere 1770 System does wonders for my yields. Not only am I producing more, but I also have no doubt that if I have questions about the system that their customer service will provide the correct answers as soon as I need them!

Z. A. - Texas -

Working with ag businesses has always been somewhat of a hassle before I found AgXcel. From working with customers to their fantastic product knowledge, I have no need to go to anyone else. We received our quotes remarkably fast and were treated very well by everyone that we talked to. I can’t imagine calling on anyone else for my ag needs!”

R. J. - Kentucky -

There really is no need to do business with any other company. AgXcel covers every part of the planting process and their customer service is beyond any other! I have enjoyed working with them and they truly are the “One stop shop.”

B.A. - North Carolina -

I appreciate AgXcel and what they’ve done for me and my yields. I’m very satisfied with every aspect of their business and the service has gone beyond my expectations

T.M. - Central IL -

For anything I need, I call AgXcel. I don’t know where else there is to go. The service is impressive, plus they are just a phone call away. Their level of expertise has been exceptional and they have a great deal of product knowledge. It is very clear that they put their customers first