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GX20 Intelligent Chemical Mixer

The AgXcel GX20 Intelligent Chemical Mixer is another quality product from the AgXcel Intelligent line of solutions.

The GX20 allows users to create liquid batch/recipes with various types of fertilizers and chemicals. In the Ag space customers have the need to create a recipe of chemicals using multiple fertilizers, insecticides, micro-nutrient and or fungicide mixes. All chemicals will then be batched into 1 large tank for field application, test plot trials or spraying. The GX20 would serves as the technology to properly and accurately measure, track and apply variable rate recipes for in field application. The GX20 can manage up to 3 isolated products to support environments where the mixing of chemicals is not permissible and or the mixing of water in chemicals may cause a negative reaction.

GX20 Chemical Hut
GX20 Chemical Hut

The AgXcel GX20 Intelligent Chemical Mixer also has the added feature of being able to automatically control a recipe with up to 6 products. Simply program the application and hit start and 6 product will run with no intervention. Makes the building and mixing of recipes a breeze.

The GX20 is fully controlled via a tablet based solution utilizing a secure and stable WiFi connection. With built in features such as

  • User based tracking
  • User Login and tracking
  • Metric reports for product application
  • Reports on all created recipes and who created them

Dry Fertilizer Treating Capabilities 

Additional features include the ability to treat dry fertilizer with the AgXcel Mobile GX20 Unit. Treating dry fertilizer while loading out in the field on the fly or at the plant. 

The AgXcel GX20 Intelligent Chemical Mixer comes already pre-assembled with the appropriate hardware components based off of customer requirements. Depending on how the user is going to utilize the mixer is how the system is configured and ordered. AgXcel also provides the tablet for controlling the GX20 and the app is pre-installed.

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