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GX50 High Pressure Ammonia Stabilizer Injector

The AgXcel GX50 N-Fuse is a state-of-the-art high pressure chemical injection solution designed for high accuracy with anhydrous compatible products injecting into an ammonia anhydrous nurse tank. The GX50 N-Fuse is capable of injecting into an anhydrous nurse tank at high volumes reaching up to 11 gallons per min.

AgXcel line of High Pressure Ammonia Stabilizer injection units 

Available in 3 models. 

AgXcel GX50 N-Fuse = 240v 

AgXcel GX50 Gas = Honda Gas Engine

AgXcel GX - R45 Auto Batch Gas Model 

240Vac Model Features: 

• 240VAC 25amp configuration
• 10 gallons/min @ 200 PSI
• High performance positive displacement pump
• 2 HP 3600 rpm self cooled motor
• Heavy Duty powder coated chassis
• Resistive touch screen
• Easy to use programming
• Industrial push button operation
• AgXcel Mag flow meter for unparalleled accuracy

GX50HP N-Fuse 5
GX50HP N-Fuse 5

Display Features:
• Simple to use control panel
• Touch screen responsive with NH3 gloves
• Large press buttons for ease of management
• Large resolution for viewing ease
• Resistive touch screen
• IP65 Water proof display
• 1000 NIT readable in direct sunlight

GX50HP N-Fuse Display
GX50HP N-Fuse Display

AgXcel GX50 Gas Version -

The AgXcel GX50 N-fuse Gas series is specifically designed for in field applications, for safely injecting nitrification inhibitors into Anhydrous Ammonia. The solution is able to inject into an anhydrous nurse tank located in the customers field at up to 11 GPM at 200 psi. Multiple features keep this system and the end-user safe. Give AgXcel a call for additional details and requirements.

GX50 Gas Pic 1
GX50 Gas Pic 1
GX50 Gas Pic 2
GX50 Gas Pic 2
GX50 Gas Pic 3
GX50 Gas Pic 3
GX50 Gas Pic 4
GX50 Gas Pic 4

Gas Version with Auto Batch Feature

AgXcel GX-R45 High Pressure Ammonia Stabilizer Injector portable gas unit. 
1. Electric Start / with backup pull start
2. 10 Amp Alternated
3. 12v Deep Cycle Gel Battery
4. PSI Safety Features

Call AgXcel not for more details - 877.218.1981