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GX8 Dual Product Rate Controller ISOBUS Solution

The AgXcel GX8 LRC ISOMod is a full-featured ISOBUS-ready automatic rate controller system. It is designed to connect to systems using ISOBUS, a standardized protocol for electronic communication between implements, tractors and computers (ISO 11783). The installation of the AgXcel GX8 LRC ISOMod system will vary depending on your equipment. 

At AgXcel, we believe a product that delivers quality and performance at a low cost is what is needed to help today’s operator and the operator of the future compete in the world market. It is our goal to provide operators with a line of electronic equipment that will help build and maintain an efficient and profitable operation that can be passed on to future generations.

AgXcel GX8 Dual Product Liquid Control Module 

  • Integrates Seamlessly into your existing cab display
  • Provides FULL rate control for 2 products 
  • Can be used for In furrow starter, 2x2, or even chemical injection
  • Utilizes AgXcel ISOBUS control platform
  • Workes seameless with the AgXcel GX7 Row Monitoring and GX30VRT solutions
GX8 LRC Module and Screen
GX8 LRC Module and Screen

Full Dual Product Rate Control

  • Liquid 
  • High Pressure Injection (AgXcel GX12HP Injector)
  • Dry 
  • Drills
  • NH3
GX8 LRC Module
GX8 LRC Module

The AgXcel GX8 Dual Product Liquid Rate Controller for ISOBUS

Flexible, powerful, automatic rate controller – featuring Single or Dual channel control and multi-section capabilities. It is ISOBUS ready, connecting easily to existing control systems and utilizing an in-cab ISO terminal for setup and control.

  • Advanced rate control combined with flexible channel configuration options – choose from Normal, Parallel, and Injection modes
  • Powerful Multifunction outputs to control on/off valve for Master, Relief, Flow Trigger, or Flush functions

Designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of today’s precision farmer.