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GX5LPH Specialty Pump

Looking for a high-performance pump that can withstand even the harshest of chemicals? Look no further!

The AgXcel GX5LPH is a specially manufactured polypropylene-headed diaphragm pump is specifically designed to handle low PH and harsh chemicals. It is also recommended for spraying herbicides, pesticides and liquid fertilizers. The specially designed inlet manifolds, outlet manifolds, and heads are all polypropylene construction for the maximum in chemical resistance and very low maintenance. Specialty diaphragms are also custom installed for lasting performance.

These pumps also feature valves of Kynar and 316 stainless steel construction for excellent wear life and independence modular inlet and outlet manifolds for easy maintenance. Coupled with the AgXcel state of the art PWM Hydraulic Valve you will obtain the best of the best in precise chemical application and pump performance. Many of our customers have used the AgXcel GX5LPH pump for specialty low PH fertilizers when planting potatoes or when Pre-Bedding.

The GX5LPH is available in 3 different sizes to fit many different application environments.

AgXcel GX5LPH 6
AgXcel GX5LPH 6
Mounted on saddle tank
Mounted on saddle tank
Mounted on back of JD
Mounted on back of JD

Additionally, the GX5LPH can be configured to be controlled by your existing cab controller like the JD GS3, Trimble FMX, AgLeader Integra and it can even be configured with the AgXcel AutoXCompact Plus controller.

  • 155 Gallon Solution Tank (other smaller sizes available)
  • 45 Gallon Clean Water Base Reservoir
  • 2.0, 5.3, 5.9 or 6.8 GPM Pump
  • Silver Series XC Roller Pump
  • Teflon Rollers with coated seals

AgXcel also offers an all-inclusive Low PH, High Corrosive chemical application station that mounts directly on your planter and can handle the harshest of chemicals and environments.

The AgXcel GX3LPH is designed for corrosive chemicals but that require lower rates of application. AgXcel’s GX3LPH is configured with a roller pump that is specifically designed for harsh chemical environments like insecticide, herbicide and fungicides.

It is designed with Super Rollers that are Teflon coated and Viton Seals that provides up to 10 times the life of cast iron.