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GX7 Row Monitoring Solution / ISO and Standard Versions

AgXcel's Multiflow Magnetic Flowmeter delivers the accuracy needed to AgXcel's Gx7d to display to its user the amount of liquid that is being delivered into the soil. The AgXcel's Multiflow is an electro-magnetic flowmeter with 4 channels designed to monitor liquid distribution systems. This Multiflow has been designed for precision liquid fertilizer application systems to display the flowrate of each single flow line.

  • No moving parts which will increase longevity
  • Performance is not affected by product viscosity or density
  • The ideal solution for superior performance, accuracy, and low maintenance 

GX7 Multiflow
GX7 Multiflow
In Cab GX7iso
In Cab GX7iso

If you currently farm 1000 acres or more, over the next 20 years you will likely invest $5 million to $10 million in fertilizer! Think about it for a minute...

If you intend to double your yield in 20 years, that means you will also double your fertilizer use. (Ag-PHD)

So, here’s the question…… IF YOU ARE GOING TO INVEST $5 MILLION OR MORE IN ANYTHING, shouldn’t you ensure that whatever it is, it WORKS and WORKS well!?

Don’t leave liquid fertilizer application up to chance…..The AgXcel GX7 Solution can assure you that precision application is what is happening BEHIND you!

  • Seamless integration with AgXcel liquid fertilizer systems
  • Individual row-by-row monitoring. Know exactly how each row is performing
  • Simple installation product support