GX5 Blue Flex Technology

What is BlueFlex Technology and why AgXcel uses it!

The special shape and thickness of the diaphragms has been carefully optimized to reduce mechanical stresses during the working cycle of the pump even under the most difficult working conditions.

The combination of the new BlueFlex diaphragms when used with the new patented diaphragm plate is known as the “BlueFlex System”. This translates into heavy duty and long diaphragm life.

Patented Diaphragm Plate for BlueFlex Diaphragms The new patented diaphragm retaining plate has a shape that minimizes the possibility that the diaphragm can get caught or nicked by the diaphragm plate.

Used in all of AgXcel’s GX5 Hydraulic Systems -> Give us a call for to find GX5 with BlueFlex is best suited for your needs!

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