The GX12 HP Revolution

The AgXcel GX12HP Revolution is a state-of-the-art high-pressure chemical injection solution designed for the precise dose of Nano application solutions.

Whether you are looking for high-pressure injection for NH3 managers like CENTURO, N-Serve, DCD, and others, the GX12HP can effectively handle injection rates as low a 1 ounces per acre.

Designed with the ability to accurately dispense liquid at high pressure - the injection is exact, precise and has the ability to manage and change rates on the fly.

Features Include:

  • GX12hp Low Flow (For use with injection rates from 1oz/min to 24oz/min)
  • GX12hp High Flow (For use with injection rates from 20oz/min to 128oz/min)
  • High-performance positive displacement pump equates to an accurate and precise dosage on every acre.
  • Utilizing AgXcel’s state of the art proprietary electronic motor driver.

The GX12 HP is great for use with insecticides, fungicides, nitrogen managers and micro-nutrients. With the ability to seamlessly integrate fully into major OEM controllers like Field-IQ, Agleader, Raven, Micro-Trak, Pro700/AccuControl, and John Deere, management of the GX12hp becomes effortless. When you use the AgXcel integration kits setup is simple and straightforward.

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