GX20HP High Volume Addon

We’re excited to introduce our new GX20HP High Volume add-on!

The GX20HP High Volume add-on was designed to assist the GX20 Dry Treater in handling higher volumes, higher viscosity liquids, and higher pressure.

By using Agxcel’s GX5 LFP pump with Blue Flex diaphragms, polypropylene, and 316 stainless steel parts, we are able to achieve results in higher flow and better corrosion resistance. With the GX5 LFP45 ranging from .5-11GPM and the LFP80 ranging .5-20GPM, the High Volume Addon will go beyond what normal electric pumps can handle.

In order to provide accurate control and maintain precision, the GX20HP is also fitted with a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), designed to vary the speed of the single-phase motor.

Paired with the GX20’s numerous capabilities, the High Volume Addon opens a wider range of uses for producers.

Have questions about the GX20HP? Our team is here to help - contact us via phone (877) 218-1981 or email us at info@agxcel.com