GX Product Highlight: GX40 Synergist

  As harvest is wrapping up , It is time to consider fall fertilizer applications. Farmers who choose to apply nitrogen (N) in the fall should be keeping their NH3 stable and available for plant uptake this spring.
 Properly placing a NH3 stabilizer product like Verdesian's Nutrisphere-N in-furrow can be achieved with AgXcel's GX40 Synergist Nano Application Technology. The AgXcel Synergist system is designed for Nano volume application at a rate of 32 oz/acre. Lower and Higher rates are possible. With the demand for increased accuracy and lower rates, the Synergist allows for very low rates of chemical application with precise accuracy. Ounces per acre denote a very small amount of liquid is being distributed.
 When in need of an application system to accurately place liquid, AgXcel can provide you with a Precision Liquid Application Solution that is reliable and accurate. Give us a call to request your hassle-free quote now.

Learn more about the GX40 here -> https://www.agxcel.com/products/http-www-agxcel-com-products-gx40-synergist