GX Product Highlight: GX7D Row Monitoring Solution

 If you are applying liquid fertilizer today for your crops, you know how costly it can be but understand the tremendous value it can have on yields and health of your crop. With that much importance, do you have a solution to ensure that each injection point on your application toolbar is applying the precise amount of liquid fertilizer into the soil?

  The GX7D row by row monitoring system is AgXcel’s solution to give you the confidence that your liquid is properly being placed by displaying each injection point’s flow through a tablet display located in your cab. Monitor the flow on every row. Know every detail about where, when, and how much fertilizer you are putting down. All data collected belongs to you. Data can be stored on the tablet and exported to your desktop computer. The GX7d runs independent and will work alongside any system you have in place. With AgXcel’s Farm View Technology get a visual of your farm and the exact placement of the liquid fertilizer.


·       Seamless integration with AgXcel liquid fertilizer systems

·       Individual row-by-row monitoring. Know exactly how each row is performing

·       Rich user experience using latest mobile technologies

·       Flow data stored for post-job analysis and yield comparisons

·       Simple installation product support

·       Uses AgXcel’s Multiflow Magnetic Flowmeter for superior performance and accuracy.


When in need of an application system to accurately place liquid, AgXcel can provide you with a Precision Liquid Application Solution that is reliable and accurate. Give us a call to request your hassle-free quote now.