AgXcel GX7 ISO Row Monitoring Solution


The AgXcel GX7 ISO Row Monitoring Solution does more than monitor the flow on each row. With the AgXcel Multi Flow Electromagnetic Flow Meter, you can now not only monitor but also be alerted to row flow variations and minor blockages that can reduce vital nutrients to each plant on each row.  

And with no moving parts with the AgXcel Multi Flow Meters, there's no needs for calibration unlike other row flow meters that have moving parts that can jam with even the smallest of particles in fertilizers.

Key Features & Benefits of the GX7 Row Monitoring Solution:

  • Seamless integration with any liquid fertilizer system
  • Individual row-by-row monitoring. Know exactly how each row is performing.
  • Rich user experience using the latest integration technologies like ISO.
  • Simple installation product support.
  • Reduce waste, and save money.
  • No moving parts which will increase longevity
  • Performance is not affected by product viscosity or density
  • The ideal solution for superior performance, accuracy, and low maintenance

Take Full advantage of your existing controller in your cab!

The AgXcel GX7 ISO version uses your existing display as the user interface and is expandable up to 64 rows. Or the AgXcel Visio version can monitor up
to 16 rows, which uses a small in cab console to monitor flow and rate.

Why the AgXcel GX7 Row Monitoring Solution Works:

If you currently farm 1000 acres or more, over the next 20 years you will most likely invest 5-10 Million dollars in fertilizer. Let’s break this down…

If you plan to double your yield over the next 20 years, that also means you would double your fertilizer use. (Ag-PHD)

So, if you’re going to invest $5 Million or more into anything shouldn’t you ensure that whatever that investment is, it works and works well?

That’s a lot of money to leave up to chance. Which is why we designed the GX7, so you don’t have to leave liquid fertilizer application up to chance.

The GX7d is a simple yet powerful way to know you’re nourishing your crop as you intended.

Learn more about it here! GX7 Row Monitoring Solution / ISO and Standard Versions - AgXcel

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