GX7D Customer Testimonial

Wondering what your possible ROI would be with the implementation of the AgXcel GX7 row monitoring solution?

When it comes to the application of liquid fertilizer whether it’s for planting, drilling, strip tilling or even spraying we have been well educated on the 4R’s. The Right Source, Right Rate, Right Time and the Right Place. These are all great principles as long as the liquid is flowing from the system at all! This is where the AgXcel GX7 Precision Liquid Monitoring solution pays for itself from day 1, especially according to BJ an AgXcel customer from Florida. BJ makes his living farming both corn and peanut crops with his 1725 JD 12r 30 planter. BJ wanted to ensure that he had a reliable liquid application solution that was durable, dependable and accurate with the ability to monitor the flow of the liquid on a row by row basis. BJ stated, “What good is a liquid application system if you don’t know what’s coming out of each row? If I am planting and 1 or 2 rows are not applying what they should be applying, then what good is it?” BJ implemented the AgXcel GX7 row monitoring solutions with the AgXcel GX5 Hydraulic PWM Diagram solution that was fully integrated into his John Deere Green Star using the AgXcel JD integration solution. BJ wanted to accurately apply 8-15 GPA at a speed of 5 MPH but also wanted the flexibility to change the rate on the fly as well as his speed and for this reason BJ chose to implement the AgXcel complete application solution. Once the AgXcel Liquid Fertilizer Application Solution was installed BJ was ready to full steam ahead with his new system! The results?

Quote from BJ – “Within a day of using the GX7, I found that I had a plugged row. I would have gone for the rest of the day if I didn’t have the GX7 to warn me. The AgXcel GX7 tablet began to warn me that row 12 was "partially" blocked. I went out to the back and found a piece of plastic stuck in the cavity of the orifice chamber! The GX7 also notified me that the other 11 rows were over applying!” -BJ

So at AgXcel, we did the math on what the cost of a plugged row or rows can cost you! From the studies over the last 4 seasons, AgXcel has gathered data from customers that have been running AgXcel’s GX7D row by row monitoring system and the results have proven the potential loss due to even a partially plugged row.  On a 16 row planter with 30-inch spacing, covering 3000 acres with an average 130 bushels per acre at $3.78 per bushel, a partially plugged row (25%) can be a loss of $23,034.37 if the issue never been addressed! With AgXcel’s GX7D, flow issues can be detected instantly and report it to its user to prevent any loss of revenue. Also using the GX7D, users can pull up previously recorded data and see what was applied at specific fields as the GX7D records the data and GPS location for each row that is applying the liquid.   

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