GX Product Highlight: GX9i Intelligent PWM Electric Motor Driver

With years of design, development, and customer feedback, AgXcel has developed a state-of-the-art driver that can handle the harshest demands in controlling its line of precision liquid application solutions. The GX9i will intelligently know when to adjust the speed of your electric pumps to ensure you are accurately achieving your desired rates in the field.

The onboard circuit technology can manage system resources which enables high demanding performance when controlling the 12v electric pumps. The durability of this EMD is far superior than any EMD on the market today. Having diagnostic LED status lights can assist and pin point exactly what the GX9i is doing during your application.

When in need of an application system to accurately place liquid, AgXcel can provide you with a Precision Liquid Application Solution that is reliable and accurate. Give us a call to request your hassle-free quote now.