AgXcel Magnetic Flow Meter - When Precision Matters!

When Precision matters……….

Unlike Turbine, Ultrasonic and Paddle Wheel flow meters…………..

Magnetic flow meters measure flow rates by employing Faraday’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction. A magnetic field is created by running current through a coil sounding the flow tube. The conductive media/liquid then creates a voltage as it passes through the flow tube and magnetic field of the meter. The electrodes sense and measure the voltage created as the liquid passes through the tube. The greater the velocity the higher the voltage, thus creating the proportional signal that is eventually converted to volumetric flow. Magnetic flow meters are specifically designed for systems that move conductive fluids like water, acids, caustic liquids, fertilizers and slurries.

The Results:

·        Low…. VERY low maintenance!

·        Unaffected by viscosity, temperature, liquids with heavy particulates and pressure

·        No moving parts or flow obstructions

·        Almost zero pressure drop

·        Accurate to +/-0.25% of reading

·        Flow range as low as 0.08GPM

·        Can respond well to rapid changes in flow (VRA application)

Don't settle for inaccurate and inferior flow meters especially when each and every bushel counts. Liquid fertilizer cost is NOT on the decline! Make every ounce count with the use of the AgXcel Magnetic Flow meter! 

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