Benefits of the AgXcel Mirco Control Valve System

The AgXcel Micro Control Valve System was designed to eliminate the need for large sectional valves in the center of the implement. Traditional configurations require the system to build pressure beyond the required application rate in an effort to fill all supply hose and to open up all check valves. With the AgXcel MCV System, there is no longer a need for check valves on every row, and the system maintains consistent pressure allowing for even fertilizer application.

Key Features & Benefits of the MCV System:

- Very Low voltage draw and very fast.
- Complete setup for Planters, Drills. Strip-Till Application Systems.
- Compatible with John Deere GS2, Ag Leader, Trimble, Raven, Micro-Trak & more.
- Works for in-furrow and 2x2 Solutions.
- The kit comes complete with mounting bracket and harnesses.
- Maintains Consistent Pressure.
- Eliminates the need for check valves on every row.
- Customized to YOUR needs.

The system starts with the installation of the AgXcel micro valve on the toolbar of each row unit of the implement. For example, if the implement were a 16-row planter there would be 16 micro-values total with 1 micro-valve on each row unit on the toolbar - the micro-valve then controls both the liquid flow and flow rate to it’s assigned row.

Example Set-Up of the Mirco Valves:

The MCV keeps the pressure maintained when the system is in hold resulting in immediate liquid priming when the system goes to run, and there is no more priming of large valves and hoses.

MCV’s are also designed to daisy chain together (as seen below) for a quick and simple installation process. Any configuration can be achieved for various implement configurations. (This is helpful when swath control is being utilized.)

How the AgXcel Micro Valve System is Different:

When a standard check valve is utilized on a liquid system, reliance on a spring to open and shut the valve is required when the system is set to hold and then to run. Many times standard check valves have a tendency to stick in the open or closed position, they also have a 3% - 7% spring tolerance so the pressure required to open a check valve on each row will vary as well.

This leads to a varied application rate at lower pressures since each row is responding differently to system pressure.

This issue is completely eliminated by the MCV system because the valves are either open or closed and when system pressure runs below 5PSI liquid will still flow at the specified rate given and no check valve spring is required to be opened.

Also since the MCV is designed to be either in the open or closed position when the system is in the hold position pressure is maintained with a minimum of a 4% pressure drop - allowing the liquid application to be instant when the system is put back into the run position. This feature eliminates the ends rows of fields having the tiered look when liquid did not catch up with the speed of the implement.

Gain consistent application with a system customized to your needs - while eliminating the need for large sectional valves in the center of the implement!

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