Nebraska Power Farm Show 2019

This December AgXcel will be attending the Nebraska Power Farm Show in Lincoln, NE. This is the 2nd largest Indoor Ag Show in the US and we will be joined by 760 other Exhibitors.

The Nebraska Power Farm Show is December 10th-12th, doors open each day at 8:30 AM. This is a great farm show you won’t want to miss!

At the show we’ll be featuring the following products:

GX2 Fertilizer System

This system was designed to allow the AgXcel electric pumps to utilize proper system voltage so the amps may be distributed evenly and managed evenly to both pumps.

With the GX2 system design the users experience features like:

  •  Auto Rate Control
  •  Variable Rate Control
  •  Swath Control 

GX5 Hydraulic System

AgXcel’s line of diaphragm pumps are the most complete and accurate line of hydraulically driven pumps available for applying a variety of liquids including herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, and hard-to-handle fluids.

Features of the GX5 Include:

  •  3-Headed Positive Displacement Pump
  •  High-Pressure Capabilities
  •  Minimal to Zero Pulsation Allowing vApplyHD modules to maintain a steady and consistent flow

GX7 Row Monitoring Solution

Monitor the flow on every row with the AgXcel GX7d Row Monitoring Solution!

The GX7 Features Include:

  • Row Monitoring- Complete monitoring of each rows application rate and location
  • Tracking- Tracks GPS coordinates for each row and maps it with application rate
  • Your Data- Stores all data for later use and management
  • Farm View- Provides a real-time view of application of each row

GX12i Precision Injection Solution

Designed for applying low volume pesticides, insecticides or any solution requiring a carrying agent.

Features of the GX12 Include:

  •  A perfect solution for low volume applications that require injection of solution
  •  Simple to install
  •  Works seamlessly with all AgXcel Systems
  •  10 Gallon solution tank
  •  Visual flow detector

GX20 Systems:

GX20 Intelligent Chemical Mixer: The GX20 allows users to create liquid batch/recipes with various types of fertilizers and chemicals. We know our customers have the need to create a recipe of chemicals using multiple fertilizers, insecticides, micro-nutrient and or fungicide mixes and the GX20 enables them to do so.

GX20 Dry Treater: Take the GUESS work out of Impregnation and treat dry with accuracy and confidence!

The AgXcel Dry Treating solution allows for the precise application of chemicals for treating dry fertilizer, in a multitude of application environments and the GX20 Software App also allows for various configurations to allow for multiple treatment methods.

The GX20 Dry Treater allows the user to set up treatment styles such as:

  • Treat by Rate and Time
  • Treat in gallons per minute
  • Treat with a specified rate


The AgXcel GX30i is an intelligent decision making microprocessor that manages and controls system pressure in a Variable Rate application environment. This patent-pending solution was designed and developed by AgXcel to allow for the application of liquid fertilizer in an expansive range.

  • A 3 system orifice setup with our Dual Body microvalve setup allows for a much broader range of applications both at higher rates and at lower rates.
  • 2 orifice sizes are selected, one for the lower and one for the upper range.
  • The 3rd orifice is created by allowing both microvalves to open which combines the lower and upper range into a dual application ratio, allowing for a much broader range.
  • AgXcel also uses our GX6 micro tubing technology to size the application range with 11 different sizes, for solutions that are viscous or have high particle content.
  • The microvalve controls the flow on each row and creates an instant “shut off” point, therefore, preventing system pressure loss when the liquid system goes into hold mode.

For more info about the Nebraska Power Farm Show visit:

Questions about our systems? Visit or call us at (877) 218-1981