Nebraska TV Covers the Ukrainian Farmers Visit to AgXcel

This past week we hosted several top farmers from the Ukraine to share the latest updates to our systems - the visit was also covered by NTV in their News Segment.

The Ukrainian Farmers, like most, are continuing to seek out ways to increase yields and save on fertilizer - our systems like the GX5 are helping them achieve that.

In addition to building relationships with Ukraine farmers, we’re also creating relationships with farm dealers from Russia, Argentina and as of recently, Costa Rica. We’re excited to see nations like this to come down to Kearney, NE and use our technology - especially when they see our products at work and are really excited about it!

"Our point is to see the technology that's most efficient from which the farmers will start to shift to persistent farming first," Director of Travel-Elite and translator, Roman Grynyshyn said. Grynyshyn also said he's planning a trip for American farmers to visit Ukraine in the near future. We appreciate the NTV’s coverage of the visit and look forward to hosting our Ukrainian partners again soon.

To read the full news segment from NTV visit