AgXcel GX5 for vApply


AgXcel’s Newest GX5 Hydraulic Solution to smoothly and accurately apply liquid with high speed planting environments that use vApply HD and or FurrowJet.

Utilizing AgXcel's proprietary PWM Hyd Valve and D45 Blue Flex pump for unmatched system performance.

·     Low Maintenance

·     3-Headed Positive Displacement Pump

·     Minimal Hydraulic Oil Usage (.5 - 3.2 GPM)

·     High Pressure Capabilities

·     Minimal to Zero Pulsation Allowing vApplyHD modules to maintain steady and consistent flow

·     Range of .5 - 11 GPM Flow rate *Higher Volume Systems Available**  

·     Blueflex Technology - Long-life Diaphragms for resistance to spraying chemicals and aggressive liquid fertilizers

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