AgXcel GX30 Variable Rate Technology (VRT)

Today’s Liquid system application rates are limited by the size of each orifice in each row. Where higher rates dramatically increase system pressure, and lower rates significantly drop pressure. A single size orifice cannot sustain this broad range of application which in turn minimizes the range, this forces the user to settle for a lesser range of application. Variable Rate Technology (VRT) is the solution to this situation. Whether you are interested in High Speed planting or have the need to broaden the range of your application AgXcel’s GX30i VRT is the way to go.

·       AgXcel uses a 3-system orifice setup with dual body micro-control valves. This allows for a larger range of application at higher and lower rates.

·       No need for section valves, each valve has the capability of being its own section.

·       Check valves are not required. With electronic micro-control valves there is no need to build up pressure to break a check valve. The micro valves will open to maintain the desired rate.

The GX30i VRT runs completely independent from already installed controller, making it compatible with every system.

      (Side Dressing, 2x2, High Speed Planters, Strip-Tilling, Cultivating)

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