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GX10 Integrated OEM Solutions

AgXcel GX10 OEM integration kit allows for the full management of the AgXcel precision liquid fertilizer application system from the exiting OEM controller like

  •  Green Star
  •  AG Leader
  •  Trimble
  •  Raven
  •  Top Con
  •  Micro-Trak
  •  Outback

AgXcel has spent many resources in designing, testing and deploying the GX10 integration kits for complete liquid application control. All integration harnesses are designed and build by AgXcel so you can trust that the quality of performance is in every kit. The GX10 allows for the management of both the GX Electric pump systems as well as the GX5 hydraulic system.

AgXcel has designed the GX10 integration kit for ease of implementation and seamless management of its system. Each kit comes complete with all components required to ensure a smooth installation. The kit includes a complete AgXcel pump and manifold component kit to include: